Just plain tired

I know I have not written much lately and I am sorry for that. I’ve missed talking to you guys on a weekly basis. But honestly, lately, my mind has been exhausted and my emotions on edge. Why? Because I’m in the middle of a battle. I’ve been fighting a smart alec remarks, back talking, rolling of the eyes, disrespectful, disobedient son. No, he’s not a bad kid! He’s a great kid with a huge heart and a major capacity to love and have compassion and mercy on people. It’s just that we are starting the early stages of puberty and he’s a mess. He’s choosing to show his love and compassion elsewhere and not exercising enough of it at home. I adore my son, but I’m tired right now and I’m running out of things that work. If you’ve known me long enough you’ve most likely heard me say that S is impossible to discipline; he always has been. And trust me friends, I’ve tried so many different things, I can’t even name them all. This week, we are trying something new and I’m praying that between this and the Godly instruction the Bible will give S as he studies more, that we will begin to come to a better place. I’ve heard it said (by James Dobson I believe) that there are periods of six months up and six months down with children. I can totally see that we are in the six months down cycle and I’m looking for the upswing.

I don’t mean for this post to be all griping as I really do adore my son and I really do believe that God is molding him and shaping him. I guess this is just one of those posts where I feel that I need to be real because I know that there are other parents out there who are exhausted today and looking for strength as well. In fact, I just finished reading one such post over at Savvy Little Women. So, to all you moms (or if you are a dad who feels like this too) out there I want to say that I feel your pain and I know your struggles and you are not¬†alone. I want to encourage you today to hold fast to God, keep working with and praying for your child(ren), and let’s network! If you have an idea of a discipline that has worked for you or you are considering, let me know. Or if you are just wanting prayer or encouragement or want to be an encouragement, let me know. We are called to help each other out, so let’s start now!